Law and Humanity is a newly established organisation founded on the fundamental principles of environmental protection, research and development of environmental protection literature, spreading awareness regarding concerned laws and policies and getting its members in connection with recent affairs, issues policies and amendments regarding international and National environmental protection systems. However, we do not restrict our activism to this mandate but also include core human rights issues, the law and order system and contemporary legal developments in our manifesto.

The idea of establishing this community is to deeply consider the rapidly growing impacts of climate change on all aspects of human life and reduce legal illiteracy regarding environmental law and Human rights among the people of Pakistan.

The newly founded organization of law & humanity has also pledged to facilitate its members with basic legal knowledge of their fundamental rights and obligations and to specifically target the layman (person unfamiliar with the law and legal system) for their improved knowledge and welfare and to help them with their legal matters without any predicament.

At the time of its launch, our organization is working tirelessly to achieve the manifested goals and make this platform a learning opportunity for our members. We expect your utmost support in our cause as without your keen interest and dedication we can never succeed in our mission.